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About this site

Welcome to the Tresco Marathon (unofficial) web site. This site has been made by me as a tribute to the Tresco Marathon. Unless otherwise credited, the photos on the site are all my own (well, my much put-upon wife's). If you like something well enough to use it, I just ask that you send Cystic Fibrosis Trust a donation.

You will find more about the Marathon in the About pages.


This site is horribly out of date and I never quite got around to putting the photos up. This may change (see, alas, below).

Whither Tresco Marathon?

It seems that there will be no Tresco Marathon in 2010. The problem, unsurprisingly in these straitened times, is finding ongoing commercial sponsorship. This is a great shame, but we can hope that it arises, Phoenix-like, when the economic environment perks up a bit.

I am inspired to make a bit more of this site, in the hope of sparking a little interest but, given my history of rapid updates, it's best you don't hold your breath.