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Training for Tresco

The Tresco Marathon presents a number of unique challenges. The course runs over seven and a half undulating laps on concrete tracks. Each lap boasts four hills; two climb sharply about 30 feet and the other two are longer but 70 to 100 feet each. The course has many bends and changes of camber. There really is nothing on it you'd call flat. There's nothing that's too scary, either.

Perhaps that makes the course deceptive. Many runners, particularly with little or no other marathon experience, have a story starting "I was fine for the first 3 laps, then the wheels fell off". Even more experienced runners sometimes slow down catastrophically towards the end, and miss their target times by tens of minutes.

This section is dedicated to helping you prepare for, and run, the Tresco Marathon. I've run it six times, now - both well and badly - and as a Personal Trainer reckon I have something to bring to the process.